An Amazing Lady


23 February 2021

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An Amazing Lady

I think I met the coolest person on the planet yesterday while delivering these cupcakes. They were for a precious young man for his 16th Birthday. The delivery was at his foster parent’s house.

This beautiful lady has adopted 12 children and raised them as her own.

She told me that God gave her a dream and said that children are not apples and should not be picked, and so, she has only ever taken kids that no one wants. She has 7 special needs young adults living with her now. The youngest is 16. The stories that she told me about the extreme abuse that some of her babies incurred is horrific, but she took them, cared for them and loves them deeply. You can feel it when you walk in the house. Everyone is happy and well adjusted.

Delivering cakes is fun because I get to meet so many different people, but Ms. Bobbie is hands down my favorite

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